Nestlé Makes Matcha Green Tea for Coffee Machines

The new matcha pods for Nescafé are only available in Japan
Matcha for Nescafe machines

Nestlé Japan

Nestlé announced a new set of instant matcha pods for its Nescafé coffee machines that can make cups of hot green tea in a minute.

Matcha green tea is popular, highly caffeinated, and delicious, but it’s pretty labor intensive to prepare. Now, however, Nestlé has announced that it has created a new line of matcha pods for Nescafé machines.

According to Rocket News 24, the new matcha pods are for use in Nestlé’s Dolce Gusto Nescafé machines, and they can make a cup of nicely frothy matcha in less than a minute.

The Dolce Gusto Nescafé machines have been able to make matcha lattes for a while now, but the pods to make cups of regular matcha green tea were just tested back in February and March of this year. The test went so well, apparently, that now the pods will be available as a standard item.

The matcha in the new Nescafé pods is from Uji City in Kyoto, which is famous for producing high-quality tea. Boxes of the pods will go on sale in Japan in October for about $8.91 per box.