The Nesting Habits of Chef Thomas Keller's 11-Piece All-Clad TK Inspiration Cookware Set


Calling itself the first-ever collection of cookware that is "specifically designed to deliver optimal results for each culinary technique," the All-Clad TK collection just may be what your kitchen needs. Designed with the help of Chef Thomas Keller, each of the 11 hand-crafted pieces were shaped in a way that is "ideally suited to sautéing, making sauces, braising, or steaming, empowering home chefs to cook with control and confidence." Made using brushed magnetic stainless-steel, the collection includes sauce pots, sauté/fry pans, a rondeau, and a stockpot. The cookware's edges are flared a little (making it easier to pour liquids without making a mess) and the design allows them to nest together for better storage. Plus, the three flat lids are universal so you don't need to clutter your cupboards with extra pieces. While you can buy three different sets, you may as well get the 11-Piece Inspiration Set and throw out all of that old cookware you hate.