Neptune Pine: The Only Smartwatch You'll Ever Need



Smartwatches are popping up everywhere and the products tend to blur into one another after a while, especially when most of them are reliant on Bluetooth and smartphones. Neptune didn't want to play that game and instead, designed a product that could stand completely on its own — The Pine.

According to the company, Pine is the "only device you'll ever need" and comes with more features than any other watch device available right now. You'll be able to make and receive phone calls, and send text messages on the full QWERTY keyboard. Thanks to the 2.4-inch screen, texting on the Pine will apparently be just as easy as it is on your phone.


A lot of people use their phones primarily as a camera, which is why Neptune added a dual camera and flash to Pine. You can video chat with the front-facing camera (which support all Android video-chatting services, like Skype and Tango) and use the LED as a flashlight. The rear-facing 50-megapixel camera is used by removing Pine from the wristband and shooting with it like you would an actual digital camera.

The watch has 3G and Wi-Fi so you can browse all your favorite websites (which will come in handy when you want to update your Facebook status) and check your email. You can even watch YouTube videos and check the weather!

Pine can also be used as a fitness tracker with its built-in GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, pedometer and digital compass. It can keep track of your speed, pace, steps, time, laps, and how many calories burned. With the Bluetooth 4.0 transceiver you can pair the watch up with various fitness tracking devices, like RunKeeper.

Having met its $100k goal on Kickstarter over the weekend (earning over $800k), the pre-orders will start being shipped out in January. Once they are finally released on the market, they can be bought for $335 in white or black.