NBA Playoffs 2012 Food Fight: Round Two

Which NBA team's hometown treats are tops?

The pork tenderloin sandwich was invented in Indiana.

The NBA Food Fight is heating up. While both California teams have been eliminated and the fates of Indiana, Miami, Boston, and Philadelphia are still to be determined on the court, The Daily Meal has tallied the results of the first round of the NBA Food Fight.

The results of round one of the NBA Food Fight so far are mimicking those of the NBA Playoffs; both Los Angeles teams are out. The Los Angeles Lakers’ French dip sandwich turned out to be a soggy mess against the Oklahoma City Thunder’s chicken-fried steak and onion burger. While the competition between the Los Angeles’ Clippers’ French dip sandwich and San Antonio’s tamales and puffy tacos was not a complete shutout, foodie fans voted to let tacos and tamales come out on top.

With both West Coast teams out, Oklahoma and San Antonio advance to the NBA Final Four and to the second round of the NBA Food Fight. Who will win round two: chicken-fried steak and onion burger or the tamales and puffy tacos?

While Oklahoma and San Antonio advance, Philadelphia’s hometown hoagies and cheesesteaks are splattering the Celtics’ Boston cream pie by nearly two-to-one. The Boston Celtics lead their series 3-2.

The Indiana Pacers’ pork tenderloin is pounding the Miami Heat’s official food, Del Monte veggies and fruit, with more than 90 percent voting in favor of the crispy, juicy sandwich.

NBA Playoffs 2012 Food Fight

NBA Team Hometown Food
Philadelphia 76ers Cheesesteak and Hoagies
Boston Celtics Boston Cream Pie
Indiana Pacers Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
Miami Heat Del Monte Veggies and Fruit and Cuban Sandwich
San Antonio Spurs Tamales and Puffy Tacos
Oklahoma City Thunder Chicken-Fried Steak and Onion Burger

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Not sure which hometown treats to cheer for? Learn about hoagies, cheesesteaks, Boston cream pie, the pork tenderloin sandwich, Cuban sandwiches, tamales, puffy tacos, chicken-fried steak, and onion burgers by consulting the NBA Playoffs 2012 Food Fight.