Mysterious Illness Hits Posh Greek Resort

Resort denies the outbreak is foodborne, but guests not convinced
Facebook/Lindos Hotels

Guests at a posh hotel in Greece have been struck by a mysterious illness that some think came from the food.

A fancy Greek hotel has taken a highly unpleasant turn this week as hundreds of tourists have been struck by a mysterious vomiting illness, and while the resort says the problem is not a food-borne illness, some guests remain unconvinced.

According to The Local, hundreds of tourists say they’ve been struck ill with vomiting and diarrhea at the Lindos Imperial Resort and Spa,
a five-star hotel on the island of Rhodes.

“Like hundreds of other holidaymakers, my family and I suddenly came down with vomiting and acute diarrhea. My wife even got sick in a restaurant,” said Jean-Pierre Lacaux, who says he spent €20,000 on his family’s two-week trip. “I saw people vomit in the pools and hallways...everywhere. It was Dantean, apocalyptic.”

The resort reportedly maintains the illness is airborne, but some guests suspect something in the food or water is to blame.

“They also gave us the results of testing done on three or four non-sensitive dishes like pasta or rice, while the four restaurants on site serve some 200 dishes with far riskier ingredients like dairy products,” Lacaux said.

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Guests are looking for refunds, but so far the best offer has come from one travel agency that is offering a 15 percent credit towards a future trip. Lacaux says some of the guests are planning on filing a lawsuit in the near future.