Mother’s Day: How People Celebrate It in India

Mothers are honored across the world and in countless different ways; here’s how they do it in the India

New Delhi has, by far, the biggest Mother's Day celebrations in the country.

Celebrating Mother's Day is a fairly new tradition in India but it has been fast gaining in popularity. The capital of New Delhi has, by far, the biggest celebration in the country; companies launch ranges of special products aimed at the female market and restaurants tempt families in with various Mother’s Day specials.

Mother’s Day in India is celebrated on the second Sunday of May and has existed in India for less than a decade; though in a short amount of time the holiday has become a great success. In the presence of umpteenth number of existing festivals, it is a remarkable achievement for a foreign festival to make its presence felt in the vast and culturally diverse country like India. 

Globalization, to a great extent has helped to make this Western, or mainly American festival to make its presence felt in India. Many Indian people have either been to U.S. or have relatives who live there. This along with the internet and satellite revolution has made information about other cultures more accessible for the local population.

But the reason behind the success of Mother’s Day in India can be attributed to the emotions which are attached to the festival. Mothers are universally loved and respected across the world, and India has many cultural celebrations devoted to giving thanks for mothers and mother-figures. Mother’s Day then, as an official celebration, gives them all the opportunity to celebrate such a day.


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