Most Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors Slideshow

Secret Breakfast

This intriguing flavor includes a combination of bourbon and sweet, toasted corn flakes. A scoop of Secret Breakfast may be a less traditional, but perhaps refreshing way to start off the day. You can grab a scoop of this boozy treat at Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco. Other unique flavors include Boccalone Prosciutto and Strawberry Black Olive.

The Sex Pistol

Edgy London ice cream shop, The Icecreamists, offers an "ice cream cocktail" that promises to get the heart pumping. The Sex Pistol starts with a scoop of absinthe ice cream whipped up with vanilla or milk ice cream and a combination of herbal stimulants (arginine, guarana, and gingko biloba). The final ingredient in this dazzling concoction is a shot of absinthe, thrown in for good measure.

Foie Gras Ice Cream

This is another wacky flavor from Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco. The most popular way to enjoy this luxurious treat is by way of an ice cream sandwich (made using homemade gingersnaps). The buttery texture of foie gras seems like a natural pairing with creamy custard, and a brown sugar base makes it all the more appealing.

Lobster Ice Cream

Although Maine is known for being a lobster haven, Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium in Bar Harbor takes this seafood delicacy to a whole new level. The ice cream starts with fresh chopped lobster meat that has been cooked and buttered. The lobster chunks are folded into butter-flavored ice cream and served to their brave customers.

Curry Ice Cream

This flavor is available in the Exotic Ice Cream collection from Vosges. The curry in this ice cream is a sweet Naga curry from India. Combined with creamy coconut custard, this flavor is both fragrant and rich.

Cold Sweat Ice Cream

In the case of this unique ice cream flavor, the name says it all. The Cold Sweat ice cream at Sunni Sky's Homemade Ice Cream in Angier, North Carolina, includes three varieties of chilies and two hot sauces mixed into vanilla ice cream. Those who are daring enough to order this fiery ice cream must sign a liability waiver before digging in.

Pandan Ice Cream

Another member of the Vosges Exotic Ice Cream collection features Pandan leaves as the main ingredient. Leaves from Thai Pandan plants care combined with dark chocolate ice cream in this confection.

Queso Ice Cream

At Village Creamery in Waukegan, Illinois, cheese ice cream is on the menu. Pieces of Kraft cheese are swirled into creamy vanilla ice cream, which gives the flavor its bright orange hue.

Chicken Wing Ice Cream

This flavor takes a traditional game-day favorite to a peculiar place. Chicken Wing ice cream can be found at Namja Land, a Japanese restaurant and amusement park in Ikebukuro. Other available flavors at Namja Land include Garlic and Wasabi.

Wattleseed Ice Cream

Wattleseeds come from the Australian Acacia plant. In this ice cream flavor, wattleseeds are added to custard ice cream along with macadamia nuts. This crunchy creation is another flavor of the Vosges Exotic Ice Cream collection.

Seriously Stilton Ice Cream

The Stilton cheese producers at Churchfields Farm in England have created a distinguishably stinky frozen treat. Their Seriously Stilton ice cream includes a healthy dose of grated Stilton, a sharp bleu cheese, combined with a classic ice cream base.

Garlic Ice Cream

Each year at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California, patrons can enjoy Garlic ice cream. This tangy flavor has a classic vanilla base with pureed garlic mixed in.

Beer Ice Cream

Max and Mina's Homemade Ice Cream in Flushing, NY serves up a number of unique ice cream flavors (including Lox). One of the most peculiar flavors offered at Max and Mina's is Beer.