More iPad Fun: How to Pour a Beer From an iPad

A magician baffles beer-drinkers by pouring beer from his Apple product

How does Simon Pierre pour beer from an iPad?

At least this guy is using his iPad for more than cooking destruction. German magician Simon Pierre has us all stumped and wondering how he's able to pour multiple pints of beer from an iPad. 

While at Munich's famous Hofbrauhaus, Pierre was detracting from the typical German fare and entertainment with his own stint: pouring pints of beer from his own iPad beer app, complete with a tap, wowing tourists and Germans alike with his liquid magic.

While we can't figure out how he did it, Huffington Post points out that on his web site, Pierre is known for his iPad magic tricks — even getting one on-screen person wet. Our best guess? It's something to do with his right hand — why don't we ever see his right palm? — and some sort of wiring. See for yourself and guess how Pierre does it.