Oreo Mini Record Player May Be Music To Your Ears

The tiny turntable plays actual songs, changing its tune as the cookie is eaten

Calling all cookie lovers: There’s now an Oreo music box. It looks like a tiny little record player. You put an Oreo underneath the needle (kids, ask an oldster, as we know record players seem as ancient as horses and buggies to you) and the music begins. Remove the cookie, take a bite, and put it back to hear different songs.

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Oreo playing music


The music that ensues is a bit generic, so you can record messages or songs of your own as well. Not sure quite what you’d record, but Cookie Monster’s “C is For Cookie” and old Oreo jingles (“If it doesn’t say O-R-E-O, it isn’t an Oreo”) come to mind.

Oreo turntable


The music box/record player sells on Amazon for $19.99. It comes with a cute collectible tin, regular Oreos, Oreo Thins, and white-fudge-dipped Oreos. It’s new to the U.S., but as Brand Eating points out, was sold in China last year. Oreo did not respond to a request for comment.


From minty peppermint bark Oreos to this patently unnecessary (but fun) Oreo dunking kit, it’s been a sweet year for cookie monsters -- with Most Stuf Oreos coming in 2019. Whether or not you’re planning to pick up the Oreo turntable, fans of Oreos should check out things you didn’t know about your 15 favorite snack-food brands.