Michelle Obama Releases a Rap Album

How the first lady plans to combat childhood obesity

Michelle Obama dances with Dr. Oz to promote new hip hop album.

It's wiggity, wiggity, wiggity… uh, fat? You might never have thought you’d see the day when raps stars would be producing tracks as cool as "Veggie Luv" and "Hip Hop L.E.A.N (Learning Exercise and Nutrition in Schools)" but when the first lady asks you to lay down a beat, you do it.

As part of her "Let’s Move Campaign" to battle childhood obesity, Michelle Obama called on her superstar friends to help make families "move to the beat" in the name of good health. The 19-track album, called "Songs for a Healthier America," is in partnership with Hip Hop Public Health and the Partnership for a Healthier America  and showcases beats about healthy, active lifestyles. Artists like Doug E. Fresh, Jordin Sparks, Ryan Beatty, Artie Green, and the Hip Hop Doc debuted the music video for "Everybody" on The Dr. Oz Show (Dr. Oz also performs) as one of the 10 videos that will appear in schools across New York City.

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So your family can be a part of the fun, download these songs while you serve up some healthy after-school snacks.