Meme of the Day: A Day in 'Hell’s Kitchen'

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Funny food memes to get you through your day!

Normally, The Daily Meal takes food pretty seriously. We offer amazing recipes, thoughtful critiques, and great entertaining advice. But every now and then, you have to laugh at yourself and your craft. Where do you go when you need a chuckle? To the Internet of course! The web has practically exploded with time-wasting ways to do just that. This is why we are presenting you with our favorite "meme of the day" in hopes of making you smile (and maybe making you a little bit hungry).

Oh Gordon Ramsay, does your wit ever cease? Ramsay’s sharp knife skills are almost as lethal as his sharp tongue. After all, you don't get accused of "possessing" a contestant for being the nice guy on the block. What’s even better is that Ramsay’s antics are forever immortalized in these amazing memes. You may not be able to hack it in Hell’s Kitchen, but it is great watching others try.


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