A Meal at Big Sky Café

The 'Sky' is the limit

Big Sky Café is a popular St. Louis spot.

A couple of days ago I met up with a friend that I had not seen for about a year. Because I love cooking so much, I do not eat out often, so when given the opportunity, I prefer to dine at restaurants that make an effort to source local foods. My friend suggested Big Sky Café and I was all in! We sat down, took a gander at the menu, and both agreed that we would like to try everything on it! The entire menu was a reflection of the season, highlighting and giving credit to the farms and producers where the ingredients originated.
It was a difficult decision, but I decided on the creamy tomato soup and butternut squash chopped salad. My friend ordered the beans and greens soup, and the roasted chicken and smoked Gouda melt. For a starter, we split an order of kale chips. Everything was incredible! The blends of flavors and balance of textures was perfect.
The lunch was delicious, the time spent with a dear friend divine. Great food and friendship, both a source of nourishment.
Elizabeth Cowie is a registered and licensed dietitian.This post originally appeared on her blog Eating Local in the Lou.