McDreamy Patrick Dempsey Officially Tully's Coffee Owner

The 'Grey's Anatomy' actor is officially the Seattle coffee chain owner. Let the stalking begin
Patrick Dempsey

Looks like stud muffin Patrick Dempsey beat out coffee giant Starbucks for good; a federal judge approved Dempsey's bid to buy Tully's, the New York Daily News reports.

Dempsey, who had put a bid down when he found out Seattle coffee chain Tully's was filing for bankruptcy, won the initial bid with $9,150,000.

Starbucks then retaliated with a combined bid with AgriNurture Inc., offering $10.6 million and filing an objection, saying their buy would be better for the company and employees.

Luckily for Dempsey, judge Karen Overstreet ruled that the initial auction was fair, and Dempsey prevailed.

"I've been deeply humbled by the outpouring of support from the city of Seattle and am very proud to be a new business owner in this amazing city," Dempsey said in a statement. "We have a lot to accomplish over the next few months and years, and I am excited to now call Seattle my second home."

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That said, we're expecting a drink called the McDreamy, and another called the McSteamy, and plenty of cameos from his Grey's Anatomy co-stars.