McDonald’s Makes a Nutella Burger in Italy

Italians can get a McDonald’s burger made of Nutella

Why not make a burger out of Nutella instead of meat? McDonald's Italy decided to try it.

Humanity may finally have taken this whole Nutella thing 10 steps too far, because McDonald’s in Italy has just decided to forgo the beef entirely and make a burger out of the chocolate hazelnut spread.

Brand Eating reports that the “Sweety with Nutella,” as the new burger is called, is a giant slather of Nutella sandwiched in the middle of a McDonald’s hamburger bun. The Nutella is baked onto the bun, so it’s sealed to the bread with a solid, dark brown layer that really does make the pastry look just like a hamburger. The center is a molten core of gooey Nutella.

It’s a dessert product on the McCafé menu, but it looks like a burger and comes in a cardboard clamshell box, just like a burger.

The combination of a weird novelty food and Nutella is too much for the Internet to ignore, and more than 700 photos have been posted with the hashtag #nutellaburger on Instagram. People love novelty, and they love Nutella, so a McDonald’s burger made of Nutella was virtually a guaranteed success.