McDonald’s Now Has a Grey Hamburger to Compete with Burger King’s Black Buns

McDonald’s has released a burger in Hong Kong called The Modern China Burger, and it has bafflingly grey burger buns

Who thought that buns that look like granite could be appetizing?

Generally, when a bread product starts to look a little grey, you throw it in the trash. But McDonald’s China is trying to capitalize on the mold chic look with their brand new Modern China burger, a limited-edition burger with grey buns, available in participating Chinese McDonald’s locations until November 3.

The burger seems to be in direct competition with Burger King’s black buns that have been causing unusual bowel movements.

Although the color has made people squeamish, the actual innards have gotten the thumbs-up from those who have been brave enough to try it. According to Time Out Bejing, the burger is a pork patty-- similar to American breakfast sausage -- with bacon, a thousand island-like sauce, and strong notes of peppercorn and black sesame.

Here’s what the burger actually looks like: 

It just goes to show you that looks can be deceiving, and that you should always listen to Disney movies for culinary advice.