McDonald's ice cream machine

McDonald’s Employee Attacked Over Broken Ice Cream Machine

Three customers assaulted an employee who said the ice cream machine was broken
McDonald's ice cream machine

Three customers allegedly assaulted a McDonald's employee after being told the ice cream machine was broken, then seeing someone else with ice cream. 

It’s always frustrating to pull into a McDonald’s in search of a McFlurry and hear that the ice cream machine is broken again, but three customers at a McDonald’s in Florida took that news way too hard recently and allegedly assaulted an employee over ice cream.


According to Click Orlando News, three women recently pulled up to the drive-thru at a Daytona Beach McDonald’s and asked for ice cream, but the employee on the other end of the speaker told them that the ice cream machine was broken. At that point the women reportedly parked their car and went into the McDonalds, where they allegedly saw another customer eating an ice cream.


Thinking they’d been tricked, the women reportedly started arguing with the employe. After some heated words were exchanged, the women charged behind the counter and started hitting the employee and pulling her hair.


A manager called 911 and the assailants reportedly fled before the police arrived. Fortunately, the employee was not injured, but police are still looking for the suspects.



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