Restaurateur, Daughter Assaulted Over Cold Chicken

Two customers allegedly assaulted a restaurant owner over cold chicken

A Georgia restaurant owner and her teenage daughter say they were assaulted over an order of cold chicken.

A Georgia restaurant owner and her teenage daughter were left with black eyes and bruises after they were allegedly assaulted this week over an order of chicken that was not the right temperature.


According to NBC News, Jeanette Norris owns the Qwik Chik quick-service chicken restaurant in Baxley, Georgia, and on Thursday she had a disagreement with a man and a woman who said they’d been given an order of cold chicken by mistake. Norris says that after a few minutes of back-and-forth over the issue, she offered the customers a refund, but by that point the woman was shouting and banging on the restaurant’s window.


Norris called the police and says she then went outside to tell the customers that the police were on their way, and as soon as she went outside the woman punched her right in the face. That’s when Norris’ teenage daughter went out to help, and the male customer allegedly punched her.


Both customers were gone by the time police arrived, and Norris had suffered two black eyes and a broken nose during the assault. Her daughter had a black eye as well. Police say security cameras at the restaurant caught the whole thing.


Police are still looking for the suspects.



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