Hit and Run Driver Stopped at Drive-Thru After Accident

The driver reportedly stopped for food after running over a man
Wikimedia/Darrin Antrobus

Police are looking for a driver who reportedly struck a pedestrian and then picked up his order from the McDonald's drive-thru.

Police are looking for a driver they say ran over a man in a McDonald’s drive-thru, then stopped for food before driving away.


According to the New York Daily News, at around 5 a.m. Saturday, a 48-year-old man fell down in the drive-thru lane of a Queen’s McDonald’s. As the restaurant’s night manager ran out to help him, a car came through and drove right over the man. Night manager Jonathan Brown says the car stopped on top of the man, then backed up and drove around him to pick up food from the drive-thru window.


“The car just backed up and drove around him and picked up his food,” Brown said.


The employees in the restaurant had not witnessed the accident and did not know what was happening when they filled the driver’s order.



The victim was rushed to Jamaica Hospital, where is is reported to be in critical condition. Police are still looking for the driver.