Max Brenner: Maximum Chocolate

Maximum Chocolate

As a fan of Food Network, I put a lot of faith in the word of celebrity chefs, especially when it comes to restaurants. I love watching “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” and I usually look up the restaurants that are mentioned on the show, especially if I know I’ll be visiting a place where one of those restaurants is located. Max Brenner in New York is a perfect example of this. If it hadn’t been for The Best Thing I Ever Ate, I never would have noticed Max Brenner. We would have walked right by it as we were leaving Union Square and paid no attention to what we just missed. And we would have missed a restaurant serving some amazing chocolate.

Max Brenner is known for its chocolate. The chocolate pizza was featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate, but there are a number of other items that feature chocolate, including drinks, pastries, and other baked goods. We saw people around the restaurant trying some incredible looking desserts such as a s’mores kit, chocolate fondue, a deep dish brownie, and ice cream sundaes. It felt like we had walked in to a restaurant that was being run by Willy Wonka.

I knew I couldn’t handle something rich or heavy, especially with all the walking we were planning to that afternoon, but I wanted to try something light that would still give me the opportunity to try the chocolate. I narrowed my selection down to the pastry case and ordered a chocolate twist, which was a croissant-like pastry that was filled with chocolate chips. It was also served with a side of dipping chocolate. The pastry was light and the chocolate chips were excellent, but I could have ordered a pitcher of the dipping chocolate. I have no shame – it was that good.

It really is amazing when you have the opportunity to enjoy gourmet chocolate. The flavors are so much deeper and strong than the typical junk you get from a candy bar. And the chocolate at Max Brenner is the epitome of gourmet. 

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