Matcha Mentos Will Soon Be Available In Japan

Mentos might be best known as "the freshmaker" for its chewy, white mints, but they're getting a sophisticated all-new flavor, but unfortunately it will only be for sale in Japan.


According to Sora News 24, Mentos will be releasing a matcha-flavored version of its chewy candies in Japan on June 12. Matcha is a powdered green tea that is very popular in Japan, and in recent years it's been appearing all over the world in everything from ice cream to beer and wine. Matcha has a rich flavor with a bit of bitterness, and it goes well in a number of sweet and savory foods and drinks. It also has a lot of antioxidants and a number of reported health benefits.


Matcha-flavored Mentos will not be minty, but they'll have a rich and sophisticated taste that's earthy and a little bit bitter, which will be a tasty and subtle complement to the sweetness of the chewy Mentos candy inside a hard green sugar shell. They go on sale on June 12 and will cost about 90 cents per roll, and they'll surely be a very popular souvenir for visitors to Japan to bring home for friends.