Massimo Bottura And Daniel Patterson On 'Cook It Raw'

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The culinary collective, Cook It Raw, has invited the world's most renowned chefs to explore the influential nature of cuisine since 2009. But until the release of the recent book Cook It Raw, this collaborative process of ingenuity and risk-taking has been off-limits to the public.

Cook it Raw isn't your typical cookbook – it doesn't even have recipes. It's the intersection of cuisine, society, culture, and environmental sustainability. Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana explains, "It's not just foraging of ingredients, I think, it's foraging of ideas."

The book delves inside the elite gathering with exclusive photos, stories, and interviews. Founder of the annual event, Alessandro Porcelli, explained in a recent video interview that the presentation of the text is representative the event's values.

Although Cook It Raw may not contain recipes for the home cook, its philosophy inspires outside of the kitchen. Daniel Patterson of Coi says that the readers "can be inspired to take risks, and that it's okay to fail."

Watch the video above for more on Bottura and Patterson's Cook It Raw adventures and pick up Cook It Raw for a more in-depth look.