Martha Stewart’s Valentine’s Day Tips

The queen of home-making dishes on great tips, her V-Day plans and her favorite pick-up lines!
Martha Stewart’s Valentine’s Day Tips

Fall in love with Martha’s great tips!

When you are Martha Stewart, entertaining comes easily. The ultimate guru in homemaking knows a thing or two about making holidays special, especially ones that involve a lot of TLC. The good news is, Stewart is always eager to share her crafting, baking, and homemaking prowess with the world so we can make holidays extra special for our loved ones as well. We recently chatted with Stewart on how to craft the best holiday and even got the skinny on her own Valentine’s Day plans this year!

Have anything special planned this year?

I’ll be having dinner at The Four Seasons Restaurant, snow permitting.

What is your favorite funny pick-up line?

I was in a restaurant having dinner with a girlfriend and a very good-looking man came over, posing as the waiter with a pile of menus in his hand. He started to tell us the specials, and he was just so funny that I looked him and said “You’re not the waiter, who are you?” And he was just a man at the restaurant trying to pick me up, and it worked!

What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done/has been done for you?

I was lunching at a very fancy restaurant and a man who was trying to get my attention sent me a bouquet of 400 white roses directly to the restaurant. It was in front of everyone, and so large that two waiters had to carry it in and put it on my table! In that moment, everyone at the restaurant was jealous.

Do you have any special projects to do with the kids?

Filling flattened cupcake liners with candy is a great treat that you don’t have to bake. The liners’ pleats nicely frame scrap-art pictures or paper hearts. You can also use a craft punch or paper flowers to make cute borders. For a craft the whole family can enjoy, stack family photos into the shape of a giant heart for playful wall art.

What are you favorite tips for decorating the home for Valentine’s Day?

Garland strands created with a heart garland template are a great and simple way to decorate. Place a heart-shaped template on a stack of card stocks, staple the center of the hearts and cut out the shapes. Make a vertical cut at the point of each heart, and two horizontal cuts from the center of the heart’s point. Then link two hearts through the cuts you’ve made at the points, glue, and continue until all hearts are linked.

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More Tips from Martha Stewart:

  • For Valentine’s Day flowers, you can’t go wrong with peonies. I have a fondness for China, and peonies originated there. I grow tree peonies in all my gardens—they’re such exquisite flowers! When choosing flowers for your arrangement, begin by finding one flower that you know the recipient will like, and then build from that. To keep your Valentine’s arrangement fresh, add a couple drops of bleach to cut down on bacteria build up. And always make sure your water levels are high and your thermostat is on low.
  • My favorite type of food is Japanese, which I’d probably choose for a Valentine’s Day date. EN Brasserie in New York’s West Village is a favorite - I love sitting at the sushi bar and having them cook for me. Also, Sushi Yasuda which is really expensive but delicious food.
  • For Valentine’s Day planning, I always say it’s best to let the man plan because you get to know really fast if you want to go out with them again! If it’s a first date, it’s much better to go out for a fun, delicious meal and get to know the person. You don’t get to talk at the movies! I also suggest letting the man cook for you. Men shouldn’t be afraid to cook for women — men actually cook for me all the time! There's no better way to show your love and affection than by treating your beloved to a special Valentine's breakfast in bed. A go-to is New York-Style Crumb Cake, which is featured in my most recent book, ‘Martha Stewart’s Cakes.’ This recipe hits all the right notes — rich buttermilk cake topped with a thick layer of sugary, buttery cinnamon-spiked crumbs. The cake can be made in advance and stored at room temperature, covered, up to five days so you can pop it in the oven on Valentine’s Day morning and not have to worry about spending too much time in the kitchen. Serve it to your special someone in bed with a warm, homemade cappuccino.