Mark Your Calendars, New Yorkers: Soda Ban Begins March 12

New York City will begin enforcing violations and fines in 60 days

What, were you hoping that little (or big) sugary drink ban in New York City was just a nightmare of 2012? Too bad. New York City has set an official date for the "inauguration" of the soda ban approved by the Board of Health. 

The Associated Press reports the official date for the soda ban to begin is March 12; retailers of the large, sugary drinks have a three-month grace period to get rid of the drinks without the penalty of a $200 fine. Of course, soda makers and retailers are still hoping to reverse the decision to ban large sodas, and have sued to block the ban. 

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You can check out what drinks will be banned by the city (and where they're sold), in case you are really looking to stock up on all your liquid sugar before it takes effect.