Movie Theaters Fight Against New York City Soda Ban

Owners say that concessions make up 40 percent of their profits, and the ban would have serious consequences
Thinkstock/ iPhoto

Movie theater owners say they will take New York City to court to keep sodas on the concession stands.

All of the commotion over last week's approval of the New York City large soda ban has one group very angry: movie theater owners. Now, a coalition of theater owners say they will fight back on the soda ban — possibly taking the city to court. 

The Deadline blog reports that the New York chapter of the National Association of Theatre Owners‘ believes it has a good shot at overturning the ban. The group says that snacks can count for up to 25 percent of a typical theater's revenue, and the Hollywood Reporter says that snacks account for 40 percent of profits. Of every dollar spent on concessions at a theater, $0.85 is profit. 

Of course, the soda ban in New York City presents a big problem for movie theaters, thanks to slumped box office sales, which are already bringing profits down. However, as Hollywood Reporter notes, most people only go to the movie theaters four times per year — and rarely purchase snacks and drinks.