Marilyn Monroe: A Domestic Goddess?

Today marks 50 years of the blonde bombshell’s passing, how we’re remembering her

Who could forget Marilyn Monroe? JFK certainly could not, nor could Joe DiMaggio or anyone else really. Fifty years after her passing, college kids are still plastering her poster on their walls and Some Like it Hot is still, well, hot. 

In any case, while Monroe remains in the minds of millions as the smoldering star who captured the hearts of men everywhere, here’s a thing you may not know: she was a big cook. Yes, in between those bedazzled gowns, the red lipstick, and those iconic golden curls—there was just a woman who liked to make her signature stuffing and maintain a regular diet of proteins, fruits, and vegetables. 

Receipts from some of Monroe’s last grocery purchases have surfaced over the years and from the look of it, she had a knack for cooking and entertaining, no matter how tight her gowns were to be. 

Her last receipt, just days before her infamous “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” moment, she received a grocery delivery consisting of the following: artichokes, eggs, English muffins, cucumber, radishes, strawberry jam, Cheddar cheese, corn-on-the-cob, strawberries, endive, steaks, milk, lamb chops and chicken. 

With a few husbands under her belt, we’re pretty sure she kept them satisfied—at the table. We'd like to think she cooked in a gown, red lips and pincurls ready. 

If you're a big Marilyn fan, throw a bash in her honor. Make her signature stuffing recipe, watch a few of her classics, and practice your Marilyn pout. It's going to be hard to nail, but practice makes perfect, right?