Manta Resort Boasts Africa's First Underwater Hotel Room


“Sleeping with the fishes” is taking on a new meaning at Manta Resort, and thankfully, a more enjoyable one at that. The African property located on Pemba Island, a Tanzanian destination, is giving travelers a new way to get up close and personal with the Indian Ocean’s marine life.

Dipping 13 feet below the water and sitting 820 feet offshore, the private floating island suite was designed by Swedish engineers and is only reached by boat and offers three-levels of living space.

From the middle floor, jump into the turquoise blue waters and spend your day soaking in your surroundings. Or use the rooftop lounge area and relax under the sun or watch the stars sparkle at night.

The bedroom showcases plenty of windows, making it easy to find Nemo and all of his friends. In the evenings, the dark ocean is illuminated by strategically placed spotlights so that the viewing fun can continue late into the night.

At the time of this post, only six people have had the opportunity to experience this new dwelling. Could you be the seventh?