Man Wins Car From Beer Bottle, Gets Sued by Jealous Friend

A man won a fancy car from a brewery, but then his friend demanded her share

A man on a vacation with friends was thrilled to win a fancy car from a brewery contest, but then one of his friends sued for her share.

A German man thought it was his lucky day when he won a luxury car from a bottle cap, but then one of his friends decided it was her car, too, and now they’re going to court.

According to The Local, a group of friends went on a weekend trip and brought along two crates of beer for the fun. During the vacation, one of the young men opened his bottle and discovered that he had won an Audi A3 car as part of a contest put out by the beer company. He was pretty excited and collected his new car. Later, however, he was stunned to find out that one of the other people in the group was suing him on the grounds that the bottle caps were group property, and thus she was entitled to a one-fifth share of the car.

The man’s lawyer says that is ridiculous, because everyone paid equal amounts for the beer for the trip, so the fact that the man’s was a car-winner was just a lucky accident, as much as if he’d picked it up at a store. The woman suing says they were group property, because the cases were group property.

The man reportedly offered the woman 1,000 euros to settle the case, but the woman was not happy with that and said she wanted a fifth of the car’s value when it was brand-new, which would have been 5,763 euros.

The judge said the case should have been decided as a personal matter without bringing the courts into it, but suggested that the woman could perhaps be entitled to 2,500 euros, which is a fifth the amount of what the man sold the car for after driving it for a bit. The woman is reportedly still holding out for a bigger award when the judge reaches a final decision, which should happen sometime in March.


The plaintiff says the group is all still friends, except the defendant isn’t invited for beer anymore.