Man Loses $250,000 Worth of Jewels in McDonald's

He was reportedly taking a nap in the fast-food restaurant

A man fell asleep at a Hong Kong McDonald's, only to have his bag of gems stolen.

During a typhoon signal, a 57-year-old man put down his leather bag at a Hong Kong McDonald's to take a nap, only to have his bag stolen, South China Morning Post reports. The problem? His bag contained some $250,000 worth of gemstones and ornaments.

The man reportedly sat down at the 24-hour McCafé in the basement of the Yu To Sang Building a little before 5 a.m., and only napped for an hour. The bag, which was under the table, held around 200 gems and ornaments, as well as "some documents."


These types of thefts are fairly common, a police officer told the South China Morning Post. "[Thieves] prey on targets in restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping malls and steal unattended bags and luggage. Some pick up targets in banks and jewellery or watch shops, follow them, and wait for an opportunity to steal." No word on why he was walking around with $250,000 worth of goods, but napping in a public place with all that swag might not be the smartest thing to do.