Man Faces Charges For Drinking 52 Bottles of Prohibition-Era Whiskey

A live-in caretaker is facing a $102,000 fine for allegedly drinking 52 bottles of his boss’ rare pre-Prohibition Era whiskey

And you thought your bar tab was steep.

The next time you feel faint looking at the size of your bar tab, keep in mind that it’s probably not as bad as this guy’s.

A live-in caretaker is facing a $102,000 tab for allegedly drinking 52 bottles of rare pre-Prohibition Era whiskey, according to the New York Daily News. John Saunders reportedly found the liquor hidden behind a basement staircase at the mansion where he was living in Scottdale, Penn. The liquor belonged to homeowner Patricia Hill, who had planned to donate the liquor to a local museum and had asked Saunders to keep it safe as part of his job.

Scottdale Police Chief Barry Pritts told WTEA that Saunders said he did not patake in the historic booze, but was only cleaning the bottles.

"He said that the whiskey probably evaporated and being that old, it was probably no good,' Pritts told WTEA.


But, Police say they have DNA evidence that Saunders drank the whiskey, which Hill said in her testimony is proof enough for her to press charges against her “family friend.” "The DNA doesn't lie. I'm just disappointed a family friend of over 40 years has lied," she said.