2 Gingers Gains Popularity With Women, Non Whiskey Drinkers

The Irish whiskey has skyrocketed in popularity by being sweet and accessible

Non Whiskey Drinkers and women seem to be flocking to the sweet Irish Whiskey.

Those who usually shy away from the bold, strong taste of whiskey may have found a whiskey suitable for their sweet palates, and the brand’s growth surely shows it.

2 Gingers, a sweet Irish whiskey from Beam Inc., has soared in popularity within the 10 states it is sold, so much so that it’s the second most popular Irish whiskey in the country. The growth has prompted the brand to expand sales to more states beginning in 2014.

The whiskey, named after named after creator Kieran Folliard’s red-haired mother and aunt, may owe much of its success to its popularity with women, Folliard told the Wall Street Journal that across the regions 2 Gingers is sold in, it has more female customers than its competition. In Minnesota, for example, women account for nearly 40 percent of sales.


The alcohol has also gained popularity for being “non-snobbish” and able to be mixed with different drinks in cocktails, Folliard told The Wall Street Journal. “Don’t let somebody tell you ‘Oh, you should only drink it neat,’ or ‘You should only drink it with one ice cube,’” he said. Of course, there are plenty of women in the world who like just about any whiskey.