Man Buys iPhone Online, Gets Pancake Instead

A man who bought a cheap iPhone online was surprised to receive a pancake instead
Bing Chinese pancake

Wikimedia/J.Samuel Burner

A man thought he'd found a very good deal on an iPhone 6 online, but when he opened the package it contained only a pancake.

There are a lot of counterfeit luxury goods available for sale around the Internet, and it can be hard to tell when an item is real or a fraud. Often one should be a little suspicious if the price seems too good to be true, and one man in China learned that lesson recently when he bought a cut-rate iPhone online and received a pancake instead.

According to Shanghaiist, the man found an iPhone 6 listed for sale online for just 1,500 yuan, or $230. That’s reportedly about 70 percent less than the normal price in China. He says he was skeptical at first, but he decided to go through with the transaction anyway.

He should have remained doubtful, though, because when his package arrived, it contained only a Chinese-style pancake called a bing.


Bing are delicious, but the owner was not satisfied with his purchase and tried to get a refund. Unsurprisingly, the seller who mailed him a pancake instead of an iPhone was not around to correct the error afterwards, and the man is stuck with his very expensive pancake.