Police Find Kilo of Cocaine in Cheese

A man was stopped in Cordoba for "behaving suspiciously" while carrying a wheel of cheese

Spanish police said a man was caught transporting a wheel of cheese stuffed with a kilo of cocaine.

A man was recently arrested on the streets of Cordoba, Spain, after being caught with a kilo of cocaine hidden inside a wheel of cheese.

According to The Local, the unnamed 35-year-old man was walking down the street carrying what was ostensibly a small wheel of cheese wrapped in plastic. Police said the man was “behaving suspiciously,” so they stopped him to investigate. Further probing revealed the wheel of cheese was actually a kilo of cocaine wrapped in a cheese rind.


The stinky cheese might have been a ruse designed to distract drug-sniffing dogs, but police in Spain said they’ve been finding cocaine in all sorts of odd hiding places lately — though this was the first time they've uncovered it in queso.