Police Arrest Man for Driving With Sugar

A man was arrested for driving with a car full of what turned out to be dextrose
White sugar


Police in Sweden arrested a man for driving with a car full of amphetamines, but tests later revealed he really just had a lot of sugar. 

Police in Sweden were confused this week when they arrested a man for possession of drugs and it turned out he was just carrying sugar.

According to The Local, police in northern Sweden arrested a man for driving with what looked at first glance like amphetamines. After the arrest, the man reportedly confessed to carrying amphetamines in the car, but shortly after that he changed his story and said it was just dextrose. That didn’t seem like a likely story, and initial tests indicated that the mystery white powders were actually amphetamines, so the man was arrested and charged earlier this summer.

Later, though, police had to release him after a more accurate and extensive round of tests revealed that the man really was just driving around with a lot of sugar in his car.

“I have never heard of anything like this happening before,” said a bewildered police spokesperson.

Police say they don’t know why initial tests showed the presence of amphetamines, and they really don’t know why the man originally said he had drugs in the car, but after the tests came back showing it really was just a bunch of dextrose, the man was released and sent home.

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