Makeover Toolbox: Tips and Tricks to Detox Your Kitchen


Magnetic Knife Rack

While knife blocks are created to protect blades in a safe and organized fashion, they are often cumbersome and take up valuable counter or drawer space. This nifty tool can be mounted on your wall, keeping your counter clear and your knives in order. Plus, you can use this space-saving magnetic strip to organize anything metallic (such as loose tea canisters or spice tins).

Chalkboard Paint

Maryse Chevriere

Painting a wall or a framed section of your kitchen is a great way to record recipe ideas, display dinner menus when entertaining, and write shopping lists (plus it's fun to draw on). This inexpensive paint comes in a multitude of colors like School House Green, Grape Fizz, Banner Blue (pictured) as well as plain black. It's perfect for adding some fun and creativity to your kitchen and serves as a good distraction for kids (or adults) while you're cooking.

Plus, its latex forumla makes it super easy for you to wipe away any mistakes or misplaced paint with water — just make sure to do it right away or it will dry after 30 minutes and becomes harder to remove — something I learned first hand. — Yasmin Fahr

Roll-Out Shelving

When you have a small kitchen (or a kitchen of any size, for that matter) there never seems to be enough cabinet space. Wire shelving is a great solution for storing pots and pans because it is easy to install and can fit in most standard-sized cabinets. 

Magnetic Spice Rack

If you love to cook, chances are your spice collection is pretty extensive. Although spices and herbs can add many levels of flavor to your dishes, they can also add a lot of clutter to your kitchen. The beauty of using a magnetic board, such as the one pictured, is that it can be mounted on the wall and comes with 20 stainless-steel containers for storing your spices; the clear tops allow you to grab whichever ones you want at a glance — plus, it also doubles as decoration for your wall. 

Grocery Bag Holder

A smart solution for your loose and errant plastic bags. Mount this clutter-defeating contraption on your wall, door, or even your pantry. 

Stackable Canisters

Apart from adding a bright splash of color to your kitchen, these containers are stackable, which means more counter space for you to work with. In addition, the clear plastic allows you to see what you've stored inside and the seal on top keeps your food fresh. 

Dry-Food Dispenser

Countertops and cabinets are not the only kitchen areas prone to clutter — pantries can be a prime source of disorganization as well. This handy item can be easily mounted on the wall, and, with the twist of a knob, you can have perfectly portioned grains at your disposal. 

Mounted Trash System

There are so many reasons to love this tool. From a storage standpoint, the built-in bag holder and the bottom bin store up to 50 plastic grocery bags. The system is convenient and eco friendly because its allows you to recycle your bags and can be mounted to any door or cabinet in your kitchen. The smaller size makes it ideal for apartment kitchens. 

Under-Cabinet Knife Block

Another great knife storage solution. This knife block fits conveniently beneath any kitchen cabinet and holds up to eight knives and a sharpening steel. 

Rotating Mug Rack

This multi-functional piece adds character to your kitchen and frees up valuable cabinet space. Simply mount the rack beneath any cabinet and you automatically have a simple, yet elegant display for your favorite mugs. 

Expandable Kitchen Shelf

Sometimes the best space saving solutions are also the simplest. Case in point, an expandable shelf. Shelving options, such as the one pictured, come in a variety of materials, sizes, and finishes. Find the one that suits your décor and needs, just make sure that the design is sturdy enough to hold your kitchenware. 

Under-Cabinet Stemware Holder

This storage solution for stemware can be mounted to fit beneath your cabinets, which also makes air drying your glasses a breeze. 

More Tips and Tricks

Yasmin Fahr

There are many ways to make the most of your kitchen with minimal effort involved:

  • Use a peg board and nails to hang pots and pans on your kitchen wall. 
  • Use a fun, decorative knob to hang aprons on in an easily accessible spot. 
  • Paint small, unexpected spaces in your kitchen (such as above the sink or the lip of your cabinets) a colorful hue to add a lively element. 
  • Minimize unitaskers whenever possible. Popcorn poppers and panini makers come to mind, for instance.