Make Your Own Epic Burger Adventure: French Onion Soup Burger


You're Making Some French Onion Soup, My Friend.

Okay, you're a badass. You're making French onion soup to take your burger to the limit. Keep watching to see your burger reach its full potential.


For the French Onion Soup recipe, click here.

Assembling The French Onion Soup Burger

Okay, so you made your soup. Now you want to see the soup and the burger all come together. There's one last ultimate, crazy epic step...


Click to French dip the French onion soup burger.

The Ultimate French Onion Soup Burger

The ultimate French onion soup burger like the French could never conceive. Dip, dunk and delicious. If you don't do the dunk you've missed the point.


For the French Onion Soup Burger recipe, click here.

Great Job! Want To Play Again?

You've made a burger to be proud of. The French onion soup burger taken to the limit. Great job! Play again?