MAISON CAMUS Wins Us Over with Coffee and Cocktails

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MAISON CAMUS Wins Us Over with Coffee and Cocktails

We enjoyed a cup of Camus Coffee and their cocktail on National Coffee Day this year.

In case you missed it, yesterday, Sept. 29, was National Coffee Day. While most of you probably spent the day with your feet propped up watching football, we took the opportunity to delve into some of the lesser-known coffees on the market.

You may have heard the name CAMUS whispered behind the bar when ordering an after-dinner drink. CAMUS is a liquor company that has developed into a lifestyle brand, but its roots are based in the cognac business in France. The brand has come a long way since developing cognac, and now has its hands in the world of coffee. MAISON CAMUS coffees boast a "distinct personality and unique taste," according to their website and are custom-blended by their Master Roasters.

We got the opportunity to speak with CEO Frank Matz, who told us that the brand is diving headfirst into the boutique coffee shop market, but also has plans to branch into more popular chains as soon as possible. He explained that it’s tough to break into the mainstream, and even harder to get into well-known coffee shops, but CAMUS has seemed to hit a niche market. People are catching on fast, and we can see why.

When we tried CAMUS’ French Roast, we were thrilled by the bold flavor and smooth, drinkable taste. For those who typically fill their morning kick-start cup with cream and sugar, it may come as a surprise that this coffee is easy to drink even black. And for the non-coffee drinker the Signature Blend offers a smooth finish with a drinkability you can enjoy on a daily basis. But we couldn’t just relegate CAMUS Coffee to the world of morning drinks — we had to try their coffee cocktail, too.

Matz explained that the idea to create a coffee cocktail was always in place, but the brand wanted to give the coffee an independent start. CAMUS waited a few years and built popularity in the coffee market before bringing in a mixologist. Matz told us that the CAMUCCINO was a joint effort from the CAMUS crew, and we’re thrilled with the results. You can serve the drink hot or cold, and it uses some of CAMUS’ own cognac to add a kick to the cocktail we can’t help but love.

So in (belated) honor of National Coffee Day, perhaps add a couple new blends to your Keurig machine and see what flavors you like best. We were thrilled with our experimental coffee Sunday — whether you’re cozied up at the bar for a CAMUS cocktail or enjoy a cup of their French roast in your robe on Sunday morning, we have no doubt that you will catch on to the CAMUS craze, too.

Click here to see the recipe for the CAMUCCINO.

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