Magoo's California Pizza: Best Pizza in Indianapolis!

Best Pizza in Indianapolis!

Wow! I am in Indianapolis on business and didn't want to eat at one on the 2 dozen chain joints in walking distance so I Yelped for some food. I came here based solely on the recommendation of my fellow Yelpers because I have found them to be most reliable!!! OK, I had a sausage and pepperoni garlic sauce pizza and it was OUTSTANDING. Greasy, crispy, garlicky deliciousness and the grease came in handy putting out the tongue fire from the wings that I didn't order hot but were unreal spicy hot--they were good though-cooked well done like I love and no breading and dipped in nuclear waste that came from the plant at the intersection of Volcano street and Lava Avenue in the middle of July in SOUTH Hell. That's how HOT they were and if these aren't the hot wings, then I would be afraid of the guy who eats hot wings. They were good though--big wings too. I'm impressed. I try to avoid pizza because I'm a serious low-carber but if I lived here I'd be a fat pig for sure. MAN was that pizza good!! Nice thick blanket of cheese cooked just right--lightly browned on the top with a thin crispy crust. Total hedonistic delight. I read they have tomato sauce too, but I'll never know if it's good as I'm hopelesly addicted to garlic sauce. It's pizza with a twist--Middle Eastern twist so if a great pizza joint and great Indian joint had a baby it would be Magoo's. I'm going to hate myself in the morning...