Magnum Dipping Bar Pops Up in Cannes

To celebrate their 25th Birthday, Magnum went all out at Cannes in 2014

Dark chocolate topped with gold flakes, rose petals, sea salt, and silver dust.

Amongst the stars, premieres, and red carpets at this year's Cannes Film Festival, MAGNUM Ice Cream celebrated their 25th birthday!

Along with a fabulous party in their enormous beachside tent, Magnum brought their internationally craved Make my Magnum dipping bar to Cannes, allowing guests to enjoy their own ice cream bar creations.

After choosing chocolate or vanilla ice cream, a selection of eighteen premium toppings- from chili flakes to sea salt to mint chips to gold flakes- is available to mix and match, creating thousands of potential combinations.  Three toppings are shaken, cocktail style, and the bars are dipping in milk, dark, or white chocolate.  The toppings are sprinkled onto the bar, which is drizzled with more chocolate, and an enticing two minutes passes before the bar gets its signature crack.  But the wait is well worth it.  

Every item selected for the bar has been carefully chosen for chocolate experts, and Magnum pop-up dipping bars reflect the cities and countries they're serving.  

Some past fun ingredients have included:

-          MAGNUM Shanghai: Seaweed
-          MAGNUM Sao Paulo: Red Peppercorns
-          MAGNUM Toronto: Bacon and Maple Syrup
-          MAGNUM Manila: Crushed Potato Chips
-          MAGNUM London: Blue Poppy Seeds
-          MAGNUM Amsterdam: Cornflower (a beautiful blue flower)
-          MAGNUM New York (Bryant Park pop-up in 2013): Pretzel

For their 25th Anniversary, Magnum went all out with silver hazlenuts and sparkling silver dust, to celebrate two and a half decades of pure deliciousness.  

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With notoriously long lines for the customized ice cream experience (and yes, it was worth flying to France for), you want to be in the know when the pop-up visits your city, so be sure to follow MAGNUM on Facebook!