Luxury Cruises Fit for Food Lovers

Many ports of call, fine dining, and modern luxury make cruising totally worth it (again)


On vacation, everyone wants to soak up as much as they can — whether it's sun, culture, language, or food. If you love traveling to multiple destinations, chances are your least favorite parts are constantly packing and repacking, lugging your bags on trains or planes, or running into the typical European “away” sign while trying to check into your hotel after a long day.

It’s time to suck up our pride and consider a much more convenient way to experience the destinations on your must-see list: luxury cruising. Despite what (wrongful) stigma they may have, we found nine luxury cruises and yachts for all types of travelers and, while each cruise line is a unique experience, every last one offers fantastic service, delicious food, and lavish accommodations. What could possibly be so bad about that?

Whichever cruise line you choose for your next vacation, you can expect to be pampered and treated like royalty, and if you’re looking for the sumptuous stay without a crazy price tag, there are plenty of sites (like Jetsetter and Rue La La) that offer sales and deals on cruises, so keep your eyes peeled!  


Whether you are sailing along the coast of Peru and Chile, up the Chao Phraya River into Bangkok, or anchored in a picturesque harbor in Greece, the Seabourn experience is something you will hold onto

long after you’ve hit land again. Seabourn has won dozens of awards (from Condé Nast, Travel + Leisure, and Departures) because of the high-quality service, dining, and overall experience on board and off. The six ships are relatively small (three ships take 208, the other three can hold up to 450) and are also granted access to smaller ports. (Photo courtesy of Seabourn Cruises)

Each Seabourn ship offers a variety of dining options and is a member of Chaine des Rotisseurs, a very prestigious gastronomic society. Chef Charlie Palmer tailor-makes each menu, so whether you are in the mood for a freshly baked pizza at the Patio Grill or a regionally themed bistro-style dinner, dining is always an experience onboard.

Day and nighttime activities are almost endless. Enjoy a “Massage Moment” on deck, indulge in a food or wine tasting, or take advantage of the Caviar in the Surf Beach Party. At night, guests often gather for pre-dinner cocktails and, a little later, dance the night away at The Club.

Celebrity Cruises

The 11 modern and sophisticated Celebrity Cruise ships are categorized into four classes: Century, Millennium, Expedition, and Solstice — each more luxurious than the last. The ships sail all over the world and even offer U.S. and Canadian itineraries.

The Celebrity Galapagos cruise is particularly popular, and is highly rated among all Galapagos tours. All aspects of life on board have been carefully selected to ensure you have the most relaxing and

exciting vacation possible. 

Dining (especially healthy dining) has become a focus for the cruise line in the past few years. There are numerous restaurants onboard for every occasion, from a casual alfresco meal or a quick gelato to an elegant feast in the main dining room. There are also a host of activities for foodies like a Star Chefs Cooking Competition, Mixology 101, Wine Appreciation, and the Art of Food and Wine Pairing. (Photo courtesy of Flickr/geekygirlnyc)