Ludo Lefebvre Makes Fun Of Los Angeles Restaurants For Funny Or Die

Los Angeles chef Ludo Lefebvre makes a cameo in a new Funny or Die video making fun of the Los Angeles dining scene.

The video mocks the Los Angeles restaurant Café Gratitude, where the local, organic menu items are listed as affirmations (for example, the "Gracious" salad: "Hemp seed pesto bowl with local brown rice or quinoa, shredded kale, heirloom cherry tomatoes, and almond Parmesan drizzled with olive oil and topped with sprouts").

In the video, the café is not Café Gratitude (we learn later that it's around the corner) but Café Attitude; the servers, who normally ask a question of the day along of the lines of "What do you do to make others feel blessed?" now ask, "Why was my girlfriend being such a b*tch last night?" The server then throws a couple of menus on the table of a few customers who had come in mistakenly expecting a life-affirming lunch.

Lefebvre, in his cameo, angrily asks the server why the restaurant has called him out on the restaurant's Twitter — a jab at the Los Angeles spot Red Medicine, which has previously publicly called out customers by name on Twitter for being no-shows.

Lefebvre recently opened his first brick-and-mortar restaurant, Trois Mec, after running wildly popular pop-up restaurants in other chefs' kitchens.