Low Country Oyster Roast

The Daily Meal dines at a traditional Low Country oyster roast
What is an Oyster Roast?

Low Country Oyster

The Daily Meal's Ali Rosen talks to Robert Barber, owner of Bowens Island Restaurant, about the quintessential Low Country oyster roast.

Travelers to South Carolina should not leave without feasting at a traditional oyster roast where oysters are steamed, shucked, and served by the bucketful.

"Oysters are wonderful creatures. It's a blessing from God to have them," said Barber.

VIDEO: How to Shuck an Oyster

The oysters are harvested by hand, then washed, and covered with burlaps sacks during steaming at Bowens Island Restaurant. Once they are steamed, the oysters are shucked. South Carolina oysters are saltier than other varieties and are best enjoyed with cocktail sauce and beer.

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