A Lover's Quarrel Leads to Club's Liquor License Suspension

Chris Brown and Drake's brawl was the final straw; W.i.P. and Greenhouse temporarily lose liquor licenses

Remember Chris Brown and Drake’s bar brawl a couple of weeks ago, when they smashed bottles and wreaked havoc while clubbing in New York?

Well, the State Liquor Authority definitely does.

Tuesday night, the state decided to suspend W.i.P. and Greenhouse’s liquor licenses in response to the notorious fight, according to the New York Daily News. This means that the clubs will no longer be able to sell their $19 cocktails.

The liquor license suspension isn’t the only fallout from all of this violence. According to E! News, both W.i.P. and Greenhouse were closed down just a few days after the infamous quarrel. The forced closing only makes it harder for the owners to pay off NBA star Tony Parker, who filed a $20 million lawsuit claiming that the nightclub’s negligence is responsible for his injuries.

But Rhianna’s ex-boyfriends aren’t entirely at fault. The club had allegedly been the home to other violent altercations, underage drinking, drug-related incidents, and several noise complaints well before hosting Chris Brown and Drake’s notorious bar brawl.

Until this mess is sorted out, it would probably be best for Brown, Drake, and other partygoers to go drink, not throw their bottles, elsewhere.