For the Love of the Bacon: A Couple’s Bacon-Themed Wedding


Bacon Bouquet

A pork-loving pair, Adrienne Dunvan and Eddie Quinones won a contest to get married during the Big Bite Bacon Fest at the San Diego County Fair (the same place where the Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe premiered) in a bacon-everything celebration. The prize was the bacon themed wedding ceremony and a “Hog-Heaven-Honeymoon”—an all expense paid for round trip to Baltimore, MD to visit the 12th annual Pigtown Festival as honorees.

The well deserving couple, that on their first date bonded over their love of Puerto Rican pork shoulder, walked down a bacon-printed carpet to the altar after six years of dating, being engaged since 2011. An actual wedding ceremony fell to the wayside as the couple juggled jobs to support their four adopted children. When the idea of wining a bacon-themed paid for wedding, Dunvan jumped at the chance.

Kelleigh Strobel, promotions manager of Big Bite Events, told Yahoo! Shine, “We had asked contestants to write to us, explaining how bacon was part of their love story. As soon as we read Adrienne and Eddie’s entry, we knew we had our winners. We were touched by how the couple had adopted four children and were amused that Eddie cooked her a pork dish on their first date."

According to Huffington Post, the ring bearers carried bacon-petal ring pillows while the flower girls sprinkled bacon bits down the aisle. Dunvan carried a bacon bouquet and Quinones wore a matching bacon boutonniere. Guests celebrated by tossing bacon bits in lieu of rice, and enjoyed a bacon-themed wedding cake and a maple-glazed donut covered in bacon bits at the reception.


Clearly, the two are a match made in hog-heaven! Feeling inspired to throw a bacon-themed wedding too?