Restaurant Molds NSFW Champagne Glasses from Kate Moss' Body

Kate Moss let a fancy London restaurant turn her left breast into stemware

Kate Moss has allowed a London restaurant to make Champagne coupes from a mold of her left breast.

Legend has it that Champagne coupes were modeled on the shape of Marie Antoinette’s breasts, and that makes for a cool story even though it is not actually true. But while Marie Antoinette might not have a set of Champagne coupes modeled after her anatomy, Kate Moss soon will, because she’s agreed to let a posh London restaurant produce a Champagne coupe modeled after her left breast.

According to Vogue UK, the restaurant 34 commissioned artist Jane McAdam Freud to create the coupe from a mold of Moss’ left breast. The coupe is etched with art deco designs, and Moss’ signature is etched into the base.

"I was excited to participate in this project, what an honor to be alongside Marie Antoinette—she was a very intriguing and mischievous character," Moss said. "Champagne is always associated with celebration and happy occasions and I had fun creating this beautiful coupe."


The Kate Moss coupes are expected to launch in October and will be available exclusively at 34 and its sister restaurants, The Ivy, Daphne’s, and Scott’s. The coupe is reportedly not being offered for sale, though it will likely tempt many diners to consider absconding with their stemware.