Living Room Coffeehouse: Best Coffee in San Diego

Best Coffee in San Diego

The San Diego location of The Living Room Coffeehouse has been providing locals with delicious coffee and baked goods since 1991. Customers rave about the delicious coffee, pastries, and atmosphere, making this San Diego coffeehouse a true San Diego staple. The drink menu ranges from espressos and cappuccinos to the Iced Banana Cappucino, Café Blondie, and Mocha Freeze, along with over 35 other options.

Its quiet tendency, comfortable seats, and availability of Wifi may make you never want to go back to your own home. The Living Room is also the perfect spot to disconnect from Wifi and other technologies; bring a book and enjoy the natural lighting upstairs. If it’s finals week, though, you may run into a problem: the Living Room is a student favorite.

The Living Room has grown from the original to 5 branch locations in the greater San Diego area. An oasis for the urban city, definitely try out the Living Room Coffeehouse the next time you need a retreat from the “real world.”