Live the Life of The Jetsons With $250k Martin Jetpack


From the invention of airplanes to skydiving out of them, mankind has always dreamed of flying. Ever since the appearance of jetpacks in cartoon and movies, we've wanted one and have worked towards making them a reality. The New Zealand-based Martin Jetpack, which claims to be the very first practical jetpack, is one of the neatest options we've seen — it was even named one of Time magazine's Top 50 inventions of 2010. Strap yourself in and you can either control it yourself, or trust someone else to play God and control it remotely. Able to hold 45-liters of fuel, you'll get around 30 minutes of in-air flight time and experience a maximum speed of 40 knots (around 46mph) — though they recommend a cruise speed of 30 knots (36mph). The jetpack won't be commercially available to the masses until 2015 and is expected to cost anywhere between $150k and $250k, but you may be able to get your hands on one earlier if you have the clout.