Second Grader Uses Winning Lottery Ticket to Feed Homeless

A little girl found a winning scratch-off ticket and donated everything to a food drive
Food drive


A second grader found a winning lottery ticket on the ground and decided to use the money to buy food for homeless people. 

A little girl in Missouri hit the jackpot last week when she found an actual winning lottery ticket on the ground, and then she impressed everybody by deciding to donate the whole thing to feeding homeless people for the holidays.

According to KHSB, Phoebe Brown found the scratch-off ticket on the ground outside her grocery store and told her mother that it was a winner. Her mother, understandably, assumed she was mistaken, but Phoebe was right. The ticket was worth $100.

Phoebe said she considered spending the money on toys, but when her mother asked what she wanted to do with it, Phoebe asked if she could give it to her school’s Thanksgiving food drive instead.

Her parents were so impressed with her generosity that her father agreed to match whatever she spent, so altogether they spent $200 buying canned goods at Wal-Mart to give to the school’s food drive.


The school’s food drive had an unusual prize for the class that raised the most donations: The winning class would get to shave off the gym teacher’s beard. Phoebe Brown’s class won with a total of 541 donated items, so Phoebe got to man the razor before Thanksgiving break.