Small Child Accidentally Gives Homeless Man Bag of Cash Instead of Bread

A little girl who wanted to give food to a homeless man accidentally gave him her sister’s purse instead
Basket of rolls

Wikimedia/Daniel Sone

A little girl who wanted to do something nice and buy bread for a homeless man accidentally handed over her sister's wallet instead.

A generous little girl who was just trying to do something nice and give some fresh bread to a homeless man caused a bit of trouble this week when she accidentally mixed up her bags and handed over her sister’s wallet instead.

According to The Local, the six-year-old girl in Norway was out with her adult sister when she saw a homeless man selling newspapers. She told her sister she wanted to make sure the man had something to eat, so she went to a bakery and bought some bread rolls to give him.

Her heart was certainly in the right place, but unfortunately the bag of bread was not. Instead of giving the man the fresh bread rolls, the little girl handed over the wrong bag, which happened to contain her sister’s handbag and wallet with all her bank cards and more than $600 in it.

By the time they realized they still had the bag of bread and the handbag was gone, the homeless man had left the area. Police say the man did not technically do anything wrong--because he merely accepted the bag he was given, he didn’t steal anything--but they’re still looking for him to get the woman’s bank cards and handbag back.

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