Liquid Dessert: 5 Most Popular Dessert White Wines

Sip on your sweets

If you're considering skipping dessert, we suggest you reconsider. There are so many amazing dessert white wines available that perhaps you should consider drinking dessert. As our People's Voice Wine Awards campaign enters its fifth week, we're noticing that dessert wines are actually quite popular among wine lovers. And why not? These wines are sweet and delicious and a lovely way to finish off a meal — or perhaps even start it. Since these wines are so appealing, let's take a look at the current leaders in the Premium Dessert White Wine category. But remember that you can also go and vote yourself if you don't see something you like!

Pacific Rim Winemakers Sweet Riesling: Riesling in general is typically considered a dessert wine. But the fact is that many riesling selections are quite sweet enough to fit into this category. This particular option from Washington State's Columbia Valley is very sweet and also crisp and fruity. Most drinkers identify flavors of peach and orange candy. You can typically pick up a bottle of this sweet treat for around $11.

Chambers Rosewood Grand Muscat: Made from the muscat grape, this Australian wine delivers aromas of figs, orange zest, and fruit cake and follows with flavors of raisins and caramel. For those who find this to be a very intense sweetness, this wine is also very nice when poured over vanilla ice cream in an attempt to tone it down. A bottle of this runs about $16.

Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard Late Harvest Riesling: Late-harvest grapes have a lot of similarities with raisins. They are generally dehydrated and sweeter. That's why something like this selection from New York's Finger Lakes region expresses a very sweet flavor. Accents of peach and apricot can be detected on the tongue following scents of honey and citrus in the nose. A bottle of this sweetness goes for about $23.

Tabali Late Harvest Muscat Reserva: Similar to a late-harvest riesling, a late-harvest muscat also displays a much sweeter flavor. Coming from Chile's Limarí Valley, this wine is a golden yellow color and features aromas of dried apricots and honey. The flavor is creamy but accented with citrus acidity and a refreshing finish. Most stores sell a bottle of this for around $11.

Royal Tokaji Mad Cuvee: This unique selection is made from some unusual grapes, such as furmint, hárslevelü, and muscat, in the wine regions of Hungary. Honey flavors dominate in this decadent wine along with a bit of citrusy aroma. Expect to pay about $20 for a bottle.