Light & Fresh Spring Pasta Recipes

Many people think of pasta dishes as meals served exclusively in cooler weather. But luckily, pasta is one of those foods that adapts itself to just about every season, and there are just as many fresh, springtime pasta recipes as there are heavy winter ones.

As the weather warms up, pasta dishes cool down and get loaded up with a lot more fresh flavors than the stick-to-your-ribs pastas that are so popular during the winter. Spring pasta dishes are especially known for their use of fresh veggies, making them perfect light dinner options.
The following are some delicious spring pasta recipes to get you inspired for the warmer weather:


Chilled Tomato and Vegetable Pasta Salad
Not only does this pasta salad call for fresh ingredients like cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, red onion, red pepper and olives, but because it’s served chilled it makes the perfect light dinner for a warm evening. Serve it as a side to grilled chicken or steak or eat it on its own for a light lunch or dinner.


Vegetable Lasagna
Who says lasagna can’t be a great springtime meal? This easy lasagna recipe calls for zucchini, onion, mushrooms and parsley for a lighter take on a traditionally heavy dish. It’s packed with so many delicious veggies that you won’t even notice it’s meat-free.


Mediterranean Pasta Toss
Nothing says springtime like fresh asparagus, and this Mediterranean pasta makes asparagus the star of the show. Combined with other fresh vegetables, diced pancetta and a delicate red wine vinegar dressing, this pasta toss makes a delicious springtime dinner option.


Tuscan-Style Pasta with Arugula
Arugula is another springtime vegetable that makes an excellent addition to many pasta dishes. This Tuscan Style Pasta uses whole wheat rotini, arugula or spinach, tomato and cannellini beans to form a good-for-you meal that’s full of spring flavors.



Cool and Crisp Albacore Pasta Salad
Spring marks the beginning of grilling season, meaning you should start compiling your pasta salad recipes now! Unlike the pasta salad recipe above, this recipe has a creamier base and uses albacore tuna for an unexpected bite of protein. Serve it on lettuce leaves for a healthy salad or “wrap” option.



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